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Published: 12th December 2008
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Though basketball is a thrilling game in itself, you can enhance your playing experience by buying some additional basketball accessories. A wide variety of basketball accessories are available in the market which help the basketball players to improve their performance, hone their game skills, look stylish, and last but not the least, enjoy the game. Apart from the basic things like a basketball, basketball hoops, basketball bins, tube bags, and team uniform, you will require certain other basketball accessories to make your playing experience truly unique. This article discusses some accessories which can help you in improving, thus enjoying your favorite game:

Basketball Shooting Sleeve and Leg Sleeves: Lots of NBA players wear basketball shooting sleeve and leg sleeves. It's not just for style, these basketball accessories are worn for a purpose. The shooting sleeve keeps the muscles of a player warm and compressed during the play which allows him to perform better and shoot with greater accuracy. These sleeves are available in a wide range of colors like white, black, blue, and red. The leg sleeves are sold in pairs and serve the purpose of providing comfort and support to the player. Leg sleeves are also available in wide range of colors. You can complete your look by wearing a head band with these basket ball accessories.

Court Marking System: The boundary lines, free throw lines, and 3-point lines tend to disappear with regular playing on a basketball court.This is where court marking systems help. You can also use court marking system to make boundary lines in your driveway and enjoy a game of basketball. You can find court marking systems by various companies at online stores. Superior Court and EZ Court Marking System are perfect for court marking.

Grip Powder: You are bound to sweat while playing basketball and sweaty palms can cause the ball to slip from your hand or cause inaccuracy while shooting. Those who play basketball are aware of the fact that every point counts in a closely contested game and sometimes the winning team wins by a single point only. By using grip powder, you can improve your ball handling and have an improved grip. Stickum Grip Powder is an excellent grip powder, it's easy to apply, and leaves no mess on application. You can wash it off easily after the game or practice.

Traction Fluid: Traction fluid is used to clean the sole of your basketball shoes. Dust, dirt, and grime can make the shoes slippery and an accidental fall in the game can cause a serious injury to the player. By using traction fluid, you can improve the grip of your shoes. All you need to do is to soak a towel with traction fluid and wipe the soles of your shoes with it. B Sharp manufactures excellent quality traction fluid.

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